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 When you buy a firearm out of state (or not close enough for local pickup), you have to have it shipped to an FFL Dealer (that's us!). 

Fill out the transfer request form below, and we will send a signed copy of our FFL to the dealer from whom you purchased the firearm. We will contact you when the firearm arrives, and you will come in and complete the NICS background check process. ​Please read our Policy regarding firearm transfers below.

Policy regarding firearm transfers:

The individual filling out this form MUST be the individual who picks up the firearm and completes the NICS background check 


This includes husbands and wives. 

We reserve the right to refuse the transfer of any gun to anyone. 

If we suspect a straw purchase, we will not complete the transfer. 

We will not send a copy of our FFL to a private individual. We are happy to provide our shipping address and FFL # for use on the FFL EZ-check system. 

Please ask the individual to provide a photocopy of their driver's license in the shipping box. 

Please ask the shipping party to include manufacturer/ importer, model, and customer information in the shipping box. It is not our responsibility to try to figure out what a firearm is and who it is for if there is no documentation in the shipping box. 

It is your responsibility to get tracking information, should you desire it. 

We are extremely sensitive to the possibility of straw purchases. 

Please understand that our Federal Firearms License is at risk, and we are not willing to make exceptions for any reason. 

Firearm Transfer Form